Why Online Dating Rocks & 3 Steps To Instant Success

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts with guys asking for help with MySpace, Facebook, and other social networking sites.. how to save interactions.. how to get more responses… and I see just as many guys shooting them down about using MySpace or Facebook to meet women. I would never REPLACE infield pick up with meeting women online. But there is no reason not to learn and use technology to supplement your tool belt for meeting women.You cant meet women and set up dates any where in the world laying in your bed sick, or lounging around your house in your boxers. The problem is most guys, even guys that are good with picking up women in person, do not use the right technique to try and meet women from online social networking sites. I am going to give you a brief background as to why we support online dating so adamantly as well as some quick start pointers at the end of this post for you to jump start your success with meeting women online.

A friend recently asked me: So why should I try to meet women online when I am fine meeting in person?

My reply: Don’t meet women online instead of in person, ALSO meet women online.

When Race (hatch) moved out to vegas last year he knew nobody in the state except me. So we decided to do a little social experiment. I had already been meeting women off myspace for 2 years or so and had a pretty effective system, so we decided to create an entirely new social circle entirely from people we met online. Within the first week we had so many girls lined up for ‘first dates’ that we had to work in a new and more effective way to meet them all (if this is the problems the guys in the community are talking about then i understand). We decided to have a weekly get-together at our house and have them all meet us there. So Race and I, the only two guys there, had to entertain 15-25 girls in our home of whom we had all just met for the first time. This was so effective we ended up doing it 2-3 times a week and averaged about 20 girls (new girls), each time. The best part was using the browse feature on myspace, we could filter out the exact type of girl we wanted for each party. If we wanted all brunettes we would search brunette. If we wanted all girls named Nicole we would filter/search that way.

Within the first two months, we literally had met so many women from MySpace and Facebook, we started to notice we had numbers in our inbox we hadn’t even gotten around to. The best part was each little ‘get together’ we had was at our home, where these girls were meeting us for the first time, and each person brought over something to contribute to the party.. we never paid out of pocket. We even had a house warming party and a few of the girls (we had never met) brought us house warming gifts. Another great advantage of using social networking sites is that it is a great tool to help a new person learn how to correctly build attraction, tell stories, use roleplaying & games properly. Meeting women from sites like Facebook, and Myspace is a great slowed down version of infield pickup. The guy using this dating technique will have more time to respond and formulate the RIGHT response to each message. There is literally no “fear of rejection” since you usually message a girl and forget about it. And my favorite point is that when the girl shows up to meet you, she already has acknowledged that she is attracted to you, and is HOPING that you are attracted to her…Infield pickup will never be replaced by any new means of dating systems but why not use the technology to your advantage? Don’t be stuck riding horses just cause you don’t see any point in riding in a car.

3 Steps to instantly improve your online game

Profile: first you have to set up your profile correctly (most are mainly for MySpace)

* use contrasting colors so all the text is visible

* Pick 15 good pictures of you doing something different in each one (having fun with friends, with two girls on your arm, dressed in a ridiculous costume/outfit, being in control-doing anything where all the attention is obviously on you, with your family, etc. And for god’s sake try to look happy and fun by smiling or laughing in some of the pictures .

* Embed a music player(projectplaylist.com) and put a diversity of songs you like: fun songs, goofy songs, currently popular songs, Disney songs, etc.

* Use very few words in your info/about me section. Rather than 2 paragraphs that are boring about what your life journey is or how cool you are, use a qualifying statement and embed your pictures directly into your profile. This way all a girl has to do is scroll down your page to get a snapshot of who you are. Your pictures will display more about you than your text ever will.

* Get plenty of comments from hot girls to give you more social proof.To achieve this message about 30 or so hot women in a DIFFERENT AREA and just tell them this:

“Hey, my ex and I just broke up and she is stalking my profile… could ya send me a fun/sexy comment to make her a little jealous? Thanks :) -{your name}”

You will get plenty of comments from that.

* Embed tv show Flyers and movie posters (only 2 or 3 each) to show what you like. It is good to include a movie like dirty dancing, juno, or the notebook etc as well as some other movies that are actually your favorite. The point is just to show diversity and humor.

Opening Message

The anatomy of a good opener is:

* Use a subject that stands out and creates curiosity so she is more likely to read it.

* Show no interest in her per se (there are effective direct approaches as well but they are advanced and we cover them in other areas)

* Keep it short.

* Use statements or questions that require her to seek more info from you.

Here are 2 examples of good openers:

Subject: I’m not sure but…

Body:I think you know my friend-{your name or screen name}

Note: You are not putting her off by hitting on her and she has to respond to ask who the friend is.

Subject: Caught you!Body:Hey you are that girl who molested me the other night at [local club/bar/festival] the other night…naughty naughty… haha :) -{your name or screen name}

Note: Now she has to respond to dispute her being at the club, but lets her also know that you were out at a club and women were seeking you.

The ultimate goal is only to get her initial response. Once she responds to you, you can begin building a conversation in which she will become attracted to you.

Role playing, Games, Transitioning

Once you are in a conversation with a women it is up to you to guide it. Remember to keep everything playful and fun, not challenging and too direct. Use the following techniques to make her want to engage you further.

* Use fun nicknames such as Cocker spaniel, snuffulufugus, pumpkin butt- this really builds a sense of ‘history’ with a person quick.

* Jokingly misinterpret what she says.


Her: I’m going shopping in a little

You: oh thanks I’m a 32 regular…either true religion or lucky brand jeans will work.. you are so thoughtful…:) lol

If she agrees with you about something, reply by saying something like:

you don’t have to try and impress me girly…jeeze! Haha ;)

If she replies negatively by saying something like:

I wasn’t trying to impress you.

You can respond by saying something like:

Woah woah miss fiesty pants… I’m going shopping later.. want me to pick you up a sense of humor? I think they are on sale… lol :)

Heres an example of how to transition into role playing

Disney Princess

You: So apparently most girls have a similar personality as their favorite disney princess… so which is your fav?

Now assume she says Tinker bell. This gives you an opportunity to tease her a little bit. Here’s how:

I would have picked something more like Belle from beauty and the beast for you…i mean you do seem kinda like a nerd…although a yellow dress would be pretty cute on ya….

I guess with your wings and the pixie dust we could save a lot on air travel.. we can go to Venice and enjoy a gondola ride … best part is I can put you in my pocket.

Too bad that i’d have to break up with you though since apparently fairies are alcoholics…I had no idea?!

Note: now she is imagining her self spending time with you, you are showing again that you have standards, and you are really displaying a good sense of humor.

* Use statements like “wait until you hear my answer” after you ask her a question or post a fun quiz for her to take.

* Post a fun comment on her pictures.For example, if she has a bunch of pictures all dressed up and one of her puppy or cat, only post on the picture of the pet and say something like

i’m not sure, but there is something different about you in this one..lol ;)

* Prepare her to meet you if she hasn’t already asked too. Do this by “seeding the invite”. Decide on something to invite her to and ask her about related things about the event she is guaranteed to say yes too.

For example, if you were going to invite her to a Comedy Club ask her:

Do you like drinks, good company, having fun, and laughing so hard you pee your pants? but please… don’t actually pee your pants… thats just gross.. lol :)

She will most likely say yes to all of those things, and will be less likely to say NO when you invite her to somewhere that includes all of those things… aka the Comedy club. Note: When you do actually send the invite you want to be sure you are inviting her to something that you will be doing with or with out her, and with several of your buddies.

* End your messages with “gotta go” and a short fun reason why suc

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